Pressure Washer Supplies

Available in stock: High Quality Pressure Washer Supplies!



Pressure Washer Wands in many lengths

Dual Wands

Threaded and Quick Connect Tips

Turbo Nozzles

Quick Connect fittings

Hose Reels (Self Retracting and Hand Crank)

Soap Dispensers


Much more available in stock and via ordering from the manufacturer. Please call (307) 382-4230 or stop in to see us today for more information!



Uses for the Colored Powerwash


Red 0 Deg. – stains and gum removal from concrete, masonry , aluminum and steel, caked mud from equipment and cleaning lawn mower undersides

Yellow 15 Deg. – Surface preparation (removing peeling paint and mildew), cleaning gutters, removing bug and grime from cars

Green 25 Deg. – Sweeping leaves from walks, cleaning stable
floors, washing swimming pools and cleaning BBQ grills

White 40 Deg. – Washing down siding on homes, cleaning windows, washing vehicles, and spraying sidewalks



ST-330 Adjustable Nozzle Holders (Stainless Steel)

This nozzle is perfect for cleaning hard to reach areas like inside containers or gutters. pressure locks the nozzle in place.

Features:Stainless Steel
Adjustable 270 degree (+/-135 degree)


Order Inlet     Outlet Flow     Rate Pressure      Temp

 1/4" FNPT        1/4" FNPT       10 GPM 5070PSI     300 F .

ST-007 Zinc Plated Steel Molded Grip Lances



Suitable when using corrosive chemical. Our most popular lances for cold or hot water applications.
Comfort technology designed molded grip conforms to the curvature of the hand, allowing to comfortably change positions and work longer hours.


Features: Linear aeration provides continuous air flow between hand and exclusive Suttner "star-shaped" grip. Grip is directly molded on to lance providing protection and strength.


Order Inlet     Outlet Flow     Rate Pressure      Temp

 1/4" MNPT        1/4" MNPT          6000 PSI           300 F .

We carry two of the most well known names in reels! Whether it is a standard reel, or a custom made, we can get you what you need!


For questions on what we stock, or to place an order, call us at (307) 382-4230.

More information is available on pressure washer products by visiting Suttner America's website here. You can also reach Morcon at (307) 382-4230.


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